Obama Upppity Fcuks

Guns and religion…yo po small town yokels and rubes…gotta cling to to sumpin’ when times are bad. Jobs are gone. E-con-o-mee going south…damn Osama still on the run….those shitite I-Rakees beatin us…but praise the Lord and Pass the ammo fo yo double-barreled. When thangs git bad you jus pack up yur wimmon folk and head to the pews…

hmmm…Mr. Obama better learn from his recent comments and learn quickly. Loosen that tightly knotted tie…lose it even…and when someone offers you a cupa coffee say Thanks Mam’. Don’t say you’d rather have a glass of OJ…real people drink coffee. And learn to give folks a hug…even if they are over-weight white women in a coffee shop…obesity isn’t contagious. Losen up Obama Dude. Yo actin too stiff; aloof, stand-offish…even if that’s your nature…this is politics man…learn to campaign. Git down, brutha.

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