Praajek 2.12

He.s back. Praajek. v2.12.  After a three-month sabbatical from his award-winning blog, “Praajek,” Praajek resumes today. “My hiatus took me to some mountaintop somewhere for a consultation with Guru Dashfokashi who imparted to me his latest inculcations, visions, dire heedings and warnings as well as herbal delights and remedies. Today I return to almost exactly the spot where I launched my short 90 day sojourn back in late December 2011. Actually,  I’m a bit off-register by several pico-degrees, but essentially I’ve landed back here intact; not tanned, but proverbially rested and ready. 
Guru Dashfokashi
I’ve already steeled myself to venture into the severely conservative Republican Galaxy of God and Forced Vaginal Probes to the land of Rick “SanitoriumSantorum  with his frothy mix of political sexual smegma and on to the far-out Universe of Willard “Corporations-R-People” Romney and  into the Republican No Country for Young Women and eventually to the forbidden barren Democratic deserts of demonic doom and its Lands of Our-Lordlessness. So here goes:
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