Watch Out Americans: CRITICAL RACE THEORY is coming for You!!! …The Critical Race to Implement Critical Race Theory

CRT: in theory, it should critically jolt your heart into racing to the ICU.

CRT is the sleeper issue threatening to bring down our American Democracy and our very sacred American Way Of Life (AWOL). Why are Americans of European descent responsible for 100% of the problems and ills that challenge American society today? Under a recently exposed and possibly secret new law that some (many?)are saying could be proposed, the “White American Supremacy Prevention Act”, or (WASPA), Critical Race Theory instruction could be mandatory for White children beginning as soon as the attending physician or doola performs the omphalotomy (umbilical cord separation). Prenatal White pregnant mothers could also be strongly encouraged, although not required, to watch D.W. Griffith’s film The Birth of a Nation (1915) and listen nightly to selected speeches of Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Al Sharpton with a Government-issued Bluetooth speaker pressed firmly against baby bump.

This nefarious theory could be scheduled to infest and infect our nation’s schools with the possible, but who knows? passage of the “White American Supremacy Prevention Act (WASPA). Some of the possible measures in this purported new law could affect the very soul of our nation. Although CRT is a mysterious theory that few understand, every White American should certainly fear it. Here is some of the possible proposed language in this rumored new law:

CRT Education Syllabus for ages 1-5 as could be mandated by WASPA:

Special State-trained guides, “CRT Masters (or Massa’s,)” will conduct 2 hour daily in-home instruction for all White children on the history of how their parents have benefited from their White Privileges in American Society. Instruction will be enhanced thru State-produced children-oriented TV programming such as Mr. Rodger’s Red-lined Neighborhood, No Trees on Low-Income Sesame Street, and Defunda Peppa Piggies.”

CRT Syllabus for ages 6-12:

Mandatory parental readings to White children from the “People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn, whose book is described in Wikipedia as a “portrayal of American history as the exploitation and manipulation of the majority by rigged systems that hugely favor a small aggregate of elite rulers from across the orthodox political parties.”

Six to 12 year-olds shall also perform re-enactments in State-Run White Guilt Camps of slave ship life with a heuristic approach to rational and systemic modern racism.”

CRT Syllabus for 13 to 18 year olds.

Teen years should not be knowledge-lean years. Deep Dive Absorption in Modern Historical Culpability, Self-Condemnation and Reparational Statistics and Analysis will demand and ensure that this white cohort is prepared for a life regretful of his and her ancestral racist transgressions.”

Critical Race Theory implementation and inclusion into America’s education system is the first step toward who knows what! The only antidote is renewed emphasis on CRITICAL CRACKER THEORY (CCT) which has been the mainstay of the American education system since there was a system.

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