Mask Your Worries Away!New C.ovid O.cular V.irus I.noculation D.etector

With new CDC mask-off guidelines, how do you know who has been inoculated and who has not. Mask your worries with my C.ovid O.cular V.irus I.noculation D.etector. Don a pair these inconspicuous fashionable hi-tek wearable eyeglasses and you will immediately know whether the person you meet (closer than 6 feet distances) has been fully inoculated with one of the COVID vaccines. These “as-never-seen-on-TV” eyeglasses will alert you with a discreet butt-buzz (when properly inserted by one of the many Doctor Fauci-trained proctospecialists found in mini-mall nail and tattoo establishments across the nation.) Pre-orders of this remarkable prototype C.O.V.I.D. device will be available soon. A breathe worry-free future can be yours, masked-up or off. Indicate your interest in pre-ordering now with a 😲“wow.”

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