Does Obama Want to Spread Deadly Ebonics Disease?

Sarah Palin Speaks What’s In Her Mind:  “Obama Wants to Spread Deadly Ebonics Disease.”

(Praajek is just back from an Alaskan sabbatical where he recently ran into former half-governor Sarah Palin in the Grizzly Paw tavern… Here are excerpts of his conversation with her.)

Well doggone it,  Praajek…let’s talk Obama. First he shoots down that Malaysian jet plane airliner, with all those good Christian and other faith persons (and right after he ordered his thugs to capture that CNN one and make it disappear from our good blue earth), then he makes a secret sweetheart deal with Putin to give him Crimea in exchange for what cry me a river? …lifting the import tariffs on loose fitting Rooskie Motherland Jeans? And then, thru back door diplomatic maneuvers he invites thousands of Central American drug lord cartel kids to run to our borders and sneak in the dark of the night across that river or sewer pipes left unguarded by Obama to register to vote Democrat. And remember last spring when that group Boko Haram kidnapped those 200 Nigerian schoolgirls? Boko Harem, of course is an anagram for “a mark hobo” which of course is an anagram for “a harm book” which must mean that Islamaistic bible. You can betcha that our so-called President orchesterated that devacle. And just the other day you just know he must have given the thumps-up for those Sharia-Iraqie icy guys to have their way with those Kurds trapped on a mountaintop somewhere. We don’t know why yet, but you can bet he’s got something up his sleeve besides that grabby liberal hand.  But now he’s really gone and done it by spreading a secretly-extracted vial of his dead father’s vile African blood and leaked it all over West Africa causing innocent people to get that Ebonics disease. His nefarious goal of course is to spread the disease throughout the US and have everyone speaking in Ebonics. Yup, our so-called Leader of the Free World has been rearin’ his head all over the world and just makin’ this God-blessed earth a lot less blessed and a lot more messed. 

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