President Mitt Romney

Four years ago people who voted in the United States elected to elect the first non-white President. Four years later voters will elect to not re-elect that first non-White President and elect, for the 56th time, a white man. Despite President Obama’s last two strong debate performances it was his dismal showing in the first debate that opened the door for Mitt to rush in. That door was already a fragile door kept closed by a reverse vacuum of Mitt mistakes sucking it shut rather than strong Obama weight against it. That weak-kneed first debate response showed an Obama in killer-rabbit mode, fearful to engage choosing flight instead of fight. And now with Mitt’s election and Obama’s defeat, we prepare for a new America, one ruled by a right-wing Teabagger ethic that endorses the insane concept of voting against one’s economic self-interest, that raises Christian religious myths above science, that believes access to affordable health card is not a right, that your social security should be trusted to Wall Street rather than the government, but that the government, not women themselves, should make decisions regarding their bodies and health. 
This Age of Mitt ushers in a new America with a Supreme Court guaranteed to outlaw abortion, defend corporate over individual rights, promote the ownership and use of more handguns, assault rifles and stockpiling of ammo. Corporations will be people with additional powers to buy elections & threaten their workers to vote for Mitt-like candidates or else face lay-offs.  The wealthiest one percent will reap bountiful bags of tax reductions while the middle class will continue to shrink slouching powerless toward a lower standard of living, fewer opportunities and burdened with increased taxes. 
Obama sat on the sidelines for the first year of his presidency, failed to even try to sell the benefits and positive results of The Stimulus, the auto bailout and his affordable health care act. He let Mitch McConnell and John Boehner disrespect him and the Office and laid down the AstroTurf around his own political grave. 
And now we face a new America…a corporate-theocracy serving the twin interests of big business and big religion. Which is a perfect fit reflecting Mitt Romney’s and his Morman Church’s ethic that merges religion and business/finance. 
Welcome to the New America. Where the business of America is business and god, where business is a religion and religion our business. 

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