Will Romy wear a pink tie thinking he is pandering to women?

Instead of a handshake at start of debate O must give Romney a noogie & a wedgie.

O must not repeat that Romney’s pen_ _ (sion) is bigger than his. 
In discussing Russian President Putin, O should force Romney to say the words “Pussy Riot.”
O must challenge Mitt to admit 
he doesn’t know how many holes-in-one N.Korean leader Kim Jong Un achieved 1st time he golfed. (answer: 18)
Body language: Instead of pointing his finger this time Obama will just give Rommy The Finger.
O should remind us how embarrassing it could be 4 Mittens to visit London & France wearing Magic Morman Underpants. 
US Bishops r threatening Catholics with eternal damnation if they vote 4 O. Would O support a first strike against the Vatican?

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