What’s Missing Here?

Barack Obama wants keep his job as President of the U. S. He made this clear last night with a speech that was both visionary, human, humble, aspirational but not especially inspiring.  Last week the former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney accepted his party’s nomination as if he were accepting a multi-million dollar bonus from his board of directors. In comparison to The President’s speech Massachusetts Governor Mitt’s speech was perfunctory, straight, bloodless and boring. “I accept… thank you…elect me, cut my taxes even more, god bless America.”

Obama laid out his accomplishments, (although Bill Clinton did a better job of that a couple of night ago), told us why it’s a good idea to re-elect him, shared some specific plans, tried to set some national goals (train 2 million future workers) talked about our current wars (because Massachusetts Mitt failed to even mention war), repeated his multi-source renewable and non-renewable energy plans even giving a shout-out to “clean coal,” (you listening West-By-Gawd-Virginia?), and mentioned, yes, The Almighty…God! The total package of words and ideas were delivered with strong oratorical passion and sincerity. 
But still, something was missing. Maybe it was a clear laid-out challenge to create a national jobs program, similar to FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps (CCD); maybe it was the lack of a bold government jobs stimulus plan that would shock the Republicans, lay down the gauntlet and say to the American people that these are tough times that require tough measures. America’s infrastructure needs to be repaired: bridges, roads, electrical grid, the nation’s internet backbone needs to be brought up to the speed that most countries already enjoy.  America’s education system needs repair, student loan obligations need to be reduced. Big government money to put America back on its feet. The ultimate challenge to the Republican plan to make the rich richer so they can gorge on more cake and spill crumbs for the rest of us. 
With today’s anemic jobs report Obama should have laid it all on the table..a now or never challenge, bold, risky yet full of the hope and change he once promised. 


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