Romney to Build Fallopian Pipeline

Every day (well, some days) thru the conclusion of the Republican Convention Praajek reveals top-secret Romney policy plans that were recently revealed in my sleep by an Angel named Dudeini. He deposited at the foot of my bed a Golden Tax Return upon which is etched an outline of how a Romney Administration plans to rule America. 

Romney to Build the Fallopian Pipeline

Angel Dudeini told Praajek that a Romney Administration shall make rapeseed a legitimate agricultural crop in America. Currently, most of the rapeseed is grown in Canada and pressed into Canola Oil. By legitimatizing the production of rapeseed, America’s bio-fuel use will soar and lubricate our engines of production. To speed up America’s use of rapeseed oil Romney plans to build the Fallopian Pipeline to import Canadian rapeseed oil. To direct this major initiative Romney will create a new Cabinet Department of Ladies Health & Animal Husbandry to be overseen by former Congressman Todd Akin.

Cabinet Secretary Akin will bring his considerable knowledge of women’s biology and health issues along with his expertise in  management of domestic lady and agricultural affairs to solve our nation’s energy, agricultural and lady problems. Romney says that after rapeseed is firmly implanted in American soil we will no longer be dependent on Canada for our Canola oil and will rename it Amerola Oil. The Fallopian Pipeline will then be re-purposed to “allow passage of eggs from American chicken farmers’ hen houses to homes across the US,” he said.

1 thought on “Romney to Build Fallopian Pipeline”


    “I've planned something marvellous This plan will be is so truly brilliant that you all will be left shocked. Although I don't know all the details of what this plan will be, it is my best plan ever. Rove has approved of this plan so it must truly be spectacular! Here is the brilliant plan: Instead of vouchers, we will use a system similar to what people used to use when they saved 'Green Stamps'. With my plan when you save enough Med-Stamps and fill in enough books with them, you can qualify for a colonoscopy or even an operation! That is my brilliant plan!”


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