Angel Reveals to Praajek

Angel Reveals to Praajek Romney’s Secret Plans For America. 
Every day (well, most days) thru the conclusion of the Republican Convention Praajek will reveal secret policies and plans that a Romney Administration will pursue if elected. These top-secret policy plans were revealed to me in my sleep last night by an Angel named Dudeini. He deposited at the foot of my bed a Golden Tax Return upon which is etched an outline of how a Romney Administration plans to rule America. Here-forth is a synopsis of the etchings, starting with “Order Primary Firstus.”  I shall reveal other Orders in subsequent posts. 

Energy Erectus Primary Order
1. End all government subsidies for alternative renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, pedal but not nuclear. Romney is to advance legislation that calls for local small business neighborhood fracking permits. U.S. oil & gas conglomerates such as Exxon, ConocoPhillips, Marathon and Chevron are to be granted Federal imminent domain permits to explore fracking for natural gas in low-income neighborhoods in America’s largest blue-state cities. Under Romney’s secret energy plan Exxon, for example, will be encouraged through special Federal FIMBY – Frack In My Back Yard –  subsidies to develop under-used blighted, low-income neighborhoods as fracking sites. 
The FIMBY Project as explained in a special Romney Golden Energy Whitepaper will clear out former “Citizens of Welfare (COWs) residents who contribute only negative productivity to the American economy. These COWs, the whitepaper details, shall be re-located to Nevada as volunteers loading nuclear waste in a proposed “Harry Reid Memorial Nuclear IRS Tax Returns National Depository.” Romney shall institute a new national “Drill Sideways Baby Drill” energy policy to be spearheaded by former Republican VP candidate and half-governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin who will oversee a new non-federal non-department of energy called the Private Individual Select Sector of Energy Resources (PISSER).

More Angel Dudeini Revelations tomorrow.. 

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