Life Begins With "Dirty Thoughts"

Anti-choicers Push for Definition of Life as Beginning with “Dirty Thoughts.”

National anti-choice leaders are attempting to place a measure on state ballots which would define life and “personhood” as beginning when a “man or woman (boy or girl) thinks about sex and /or is aroused by thoughts that could possibly result in eventual procreation.”

The ballot initiative would also bestow the status of “personhood” on acts of male masturbation “triggered or spawned” by female sexual fantasies (male Gay fantasies are exempted) which anti-choice leaders assert could result in “seeds of life.” If approved by voters in targeted states it would define life as beginning with heterosexual thoughts and/arousal and /or production of seed-carrying semen. (Similar Gay thoughts and resulting productions are exempted)

“If a citizen has a dirty thought about do'n-it, then a real person might just be created,” said one anti-choice advocate. “Male or female, dirty thoughts can lead to a fertilized egg, so we must protect that fertilized egg person by giving those nasty thoughts the status of a person, understand, y'all?”

Advocates for the ballot initiative declined to elaborate on how such a measure, if it became law, would be enforced.

The “Dirty-Thoughts”measure follows a Mississippi attempt to ban birth control by re-defining the term “person” to include “all human beings from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.” Opponents of the measure say it would also ban birth control and a woman taking a “morning-after” pill could possibly be charged with murder. Mississippians will vote on that initiative on Nov. 8.

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