Blame it on the Boss Obama

In America's sweeter times… like the early 60's the nation danced and blamed it on the bossa nova. “The Dance of Love.”

Today we shuffle, not dance, and we blame it on the Boss Obama. In a Haze of Malaise.

Do we detect a faint scent of Jimmy Carter wafting from the White House? Carter's failed Presidency was a direct result of external circumstances… the Arab oil embargo and the Iranian hostage situation. Killer rabbits and malaise aside, Carter at least told the American people the truth, keeping his campaign pledge to not lie. He said we were addicted to oil, needed to become more independent, learn to conserve and that he lusted in his heart. It was a message that people didn't want to hear.

If only Obama had a little lust in his cool droning heart. Or signs of real warm blood coursing thru his complacent veins. Is there not any outrage that stirs his soul? Avoid conflict, at any cost, seems to be his mantra.

Obama won't tell us anything, won't stand up and fight forces challenging America's prosperity. He's all saddle & no horse as some say. Or all paddle and no canoe. Or all rattle and no battle. Or all faddle and no fittle. Ok, enuf.

So, let's all sing that old Eydie Gorme hit from 1963:

I was at a dance
When he caught my eye
Standin' all alone
Lookin' sad and shy
We began to vote
Electing him with hope
But now I know
I'll have to let him go.

Blame it on the Boss Obama
With his need to please
Blame it on the Boss Obama
He's always on his knees.
Oh it all began with reaching across the aisle in fear
And his leading
Always from the rear
Blame it on the Boss Obama
The dance of tears.

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