The Girl with the Bella Vita Tattoo and the Republican Rapture

Yes, she's the Girl Who Played With Gyre, circled herself in a mad dance of subterfuge and guileless misdirection. She's a girl whose innocent verdict kicked a hornet's nest of outrage, sending those with soap-Oprah lives into spasms of dental and gingival gnashing and weeping. Yes, she's Lisbeth-like, the mythic salamander resisting fire. With tears. For whom does her tale toll a sad single symphony? It tolls for Caylee?

Did she do it? The duct tape. The nanny. The tattoo. The dancing. The car trunk. The elfin ears and stretched back hair that you can almost smell across the airwaves. Wet glassy eyes. Young. Nubile. Casey alive. Caylee dead. Who did it?

Does it matter at this point in time? As we move inexorably toward a world unknown. Toward a Republican Rapture where the Left Behind are our elderly, our impoverished, our jobless, our ill, our children. A Republican Rapture that saves the strong, wealthy, the material needless. The Saved who can pay the unsaved left-behinds to guide their corporate jets through the eye of the proverbial needle.

A jury of her peers found Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her two year-old Caylee. Should they have found her Innocent instead of Not Guilty?

Who will judge John Boehner, Eric Cantor and their followers after they inflict their Republican Rapture on the World? See their tattoos? Bella Vita.

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