It’s Back to Bomb-Making School

The FBI says this bomb was one of the most sophisticated devices they have ever seen. “We got lucky on this one, ” said the anonymous FBI official. “Let’s hope we never see another one like this.” 

I wish I’d read and heard something like the above in media reports this week instead of the the truth, which apparently was that this bomb sucked,  an amateurish attempt using the wrong kind of fertilizer and a simplistic made-to-fail recipe cobbled together from various bomb-making procedures from various web sites. 

Yeah, I know we live in a free-speech society with open access free and unconstrained media, but not sure I feel,  at a gut-level,  so great when I hear on every media outlet that the terrorist who made the Times Square car bomb was an idiot. Whoops, say the terrorists, we’ll never build another one like’s time for re-medial bomb-making courses for all our terrorists. Instead, if they’re going to build more bombs, let them build this kind. The kind that don’t explode. 

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