Sir Topham Hatt to the Rescue

At last British Petroleum (BP) has the solution to stop their offshore gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. BP announced today that they would deploy the last-resort “Top Hat” solution and  employ the services of the “Fat Controller,” Sir Topham Hatt, of Thomas the Tank railways. “Sir Topham was lowered to the sea bed floor last night and is presently… in the immediate area of the leak and the plan is to have him positioned over the leak and functioning by the end of the week,” British Petroleum representative Bryan Ferguson said. This is not the first time Sir Hatt has been called into action. A talented engineer, in 1914, Topham Hatt was called upon for his engineering skill to construct a bridge to link Sodor with the Mainland, as well as a number of branch lines and improvements to locomotive facilities. He was then made a Director of the railway. “Now it’s an oil leak, say  BP officials. As soon as Sir Topham tops-off this leak, he’ll return to the Isle of Sodor to continue directing Thomas the Tank car and his friends on the Thomas the Tank children’s show. “

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