Must we aknowledge and celebrate everytime another celebrity joins

I'm beginning to feel sorry for Tiger Woods.

Tiger seems desperate. The Nike dad commercial is embarrassing to watch.

Of course great sports stars are not always great people. Tiger's like
Big Bill Tilden, one of the greatest tennis players. Off court and in
his private life Tilden had a predilection for teen boys. Except Big
Bill's public “exposure” came only after his career was over. Also,
Big Bill played a sport, unlike golf, that required real athleticism.
Tiger's athletic skills were obviously required and utilized off the

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6 thoughts on “Randomoniums”

  1. Come on “P”, you can't possibly consider tennis a real sport with real athleticism. Thats like calling a marathon runner a “real” athelete! Gee, lets just fill my lungs with as much o2 and begin running till I drop. Hell, any dope dealer on the south side of Chicago can and does do that! Tennis, a “sport” of elite, privledged spoiled brats that average 5 swips at the ball during each point. 28% of their points come with one swipe, the ACE. Wow, lets see hard I can serve this ball past my opponent.Big Bill Tilden was one of those rich elitist, born and raised into the upper echelon of society. Many of his victories came while playing “doubles”.Good God, lets have some help covering this oversized ping pong table. Pete Sampras is an example of being the perfect non- athlete tennis star, a Hall of Famer. Thirty eight percent of his serves were ACES. One swipe and N E X T!! Yea, that takes real athleticism.
    As far as golf goes, I can only refer to the ones most people would consider some of the truly great atheletes and how they describe the “Sport”of Golf. Scotty Pippin; “golf has to be the most atheletically challenging sport known to man. It takes not just muscles designed and trained to jump, run and lift massive amounts of weight, but rather muscles that the mind can dedicate itself to, adhere to with remarkably efficient repetition. You don't have to run a 4.2 forty to express athleticism”. Micheal Jordan, the man who thought since he was the best athelete the world had ever produced, thought he would, with a little dedication, become a “professional golfer. Jordan was quoted as saying ” I simply don't have the cordination for this “sport” Mr Jorden can't break 100. And finally Boris Becker, four or five time Wimbleton Chump, trying to emulate fellow German golf sensation, Bernard Langer and attempt becomming a pro golfer. Beckers comments;” this “sport is too multi-tasking. It's not like running up to the net a few times with a racket the size of my head and hitting it back over the net.The degree in which golfer's can train there bodies to do is simply amazing”. “P” I love ya ta death, I really do, and feel I have known you all my life, but I have a suspicion that one must be able to produce an athletic act before he can recognize one. Keep at it. L O V E 30


  2. Wow, that last comment probably came from someone who runs on a treadmill two hours and thinks they have athletic ability, come on!!!!


  3. Dear Desi…your comments are appreciated. too bad those Pippen and Jordan quotes were really intended as sarcastic comments on the very lack of athletic skill needed to play golf. Any sport where one has a butler to carry the tools of his trade might be a “sport” in a jovial sense, but certainly not as an expression of athleticism. Let's get real, dude. No sixty year old could play pro tennis..as they do in golf..beer bellies and cigarettes grossly dangling over the sides of their golf carts. U ever think of working for Fox News?


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