Republican Health Care Reform Poison

Watching Repooblican House leader John “Cigarette Tan Man” Boehner at last night’s House vote on Health Care reform reminded me of a spoiled brat screaming at mommy in a grocery store for a bag of gummy bears. In this pitiful little temper trantrum of coughed-up “hell-no’s” one could almost see dusty particulate clouds of ancient nicotine dust emitted from Boehner’s frothing, quavering cigarette-craving lips. He’ll need extra time in the tanning bed today after having busted half of his facial capalliaries during his curse-laden rant. So much for Repoobs honoring the dignity of the House of Representatives. One of Boehner’s pre-rant exhortations was for restoration of House “comity” or mutual respect. He pronounced it “comedy.”

Bart Stupak finally grew a pair. I think. His crazy demands for an abortion-proof health care bill garnered him sought-after national notoriety and made him a hero of the anti-choice, protect-the-unborn-but-not-the-born crowd. Until he voted against his own resolution and was shouted down from the Repoobican side with a scream of  “baby-killer.” How’d that all work out for you, Bart?

So now President Obama has a victory. After sitting out most of his first year on the sidelines, he finally awoke in the nick of time to rescue his signature piece of legislation. Repoobs are set to continue attacking, calling it Obamacare or Pelosicare, whipping up more scary scenarios of doom, collapse of modern American society, destruction of American culture. With all their weeping and gnashing of teeth, the best the Teabaggers can do seems to be literally spitting on congressional democrats. If the behavior of the repoobs and the sickening antics of the anti-government Medicare/Social Security recipient Teabaggers is any indication, maybe this does foreshadow the end of days. Let’s hope all the poison has been spent and we can now go on to live up to the promise that America represents. Health care for everyone is just the beginning of that promise.

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