Tigre Woods on Salt Petre Regimen

Unreliable sources have confirmed rumors that Tiger Woods has graduated Cum Laude from sex-addiction school at the Institute of Sexual Rehabilitation in Hattisburg, Mississippi and will re-unite with his wife and family at a graduation party on Super Bowl Sunday. Same sources also confirm that Dr. Woods, who is now has a PhD in sex-addiction, will be required to consume daily doses of potassium nitrate, or Saltpetre in order to maintain his hard-earned degree. Woods is reportedly piloting a special new sub-dermal Salt Petre implant pump which disperses doses of the compound whenever he makes eye contact with a cocktail waitress. Woods’ wife, Elin, reportedly has also prepared a special Super Bowl chili seasoned generously with the sex-inhibiting compound. Commonly used in the production of fireworks and explosives, saltpetre is also a powerful sex drive retardant (woops, sorry for the R-word, Sarah…) and erection flaccididator. Woods’ wife also reportedly hopes that the combination of Salt Petre and Ambiem will help her newly educated hubby adjust to life at home, challenges in cocktail lounges, driveways and fairways with reduced slicing and hooking.

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