On The Eve of War

America, although it probably doesn't know it nor really cares, is on
the eve of war tonight. Tomorrow, if all goes as predicted, President
Obama, who came to power as the candidate who would end the Iraqi war,
now is ready to engage and thrust America fully into a war against
Afghanistan. So much for “change we can believe in.”

2 thoughts on “On The Eve of War”

  1. Praajek, somehow I get the feeling that you're a pacifist. Ok, that's your opinion. Just keep in mind that the world is full of people/states that would like nothing more than to thrust our society back into the stone age. Pakistan is a nuclear power and some feel near a failed state with the Taliban as a major force in that society. On 9/11 I felt that as a society we were really lucky. If Osama had a nuclear weapon would he have used it? Maybe, if so how many would have died 1,000 causalies or 1,000,000? It didn't happen so we'll never know. When you view the situation in Afganistan, just remember the political and social interrelationship with nuclear armed Pakistan.


  2. Good God “P”. I didn't know you were one of those “pacifist”. Nothin worse than being someone who opposes wars and yearns for peaceful alternatives. You disgust me..!!
    I agree with the above comment about being thrown back into the stoned age. I kinda liked the 60's


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