Man-up Mr. President

What a difference a year makes….last year at this time America (about 60%) was celebrating the victory of Barack Obama’s election as President of the U.S., unarguably the most powerful job on earth. Except because of the way Obama has embraced his job, it doesn’t seem all that powerful anymore. With a 9 million vote plurality, Mr. Obama has squandered his mandate of just-say-hope in exchange for worthless across-the-aisle gestures to just-say-nope Repoobs. In the name of bi-partisanship, his audacious quest for “change you can believe in” has taken the path of least resistance, instead of Robert Frost’s “road less traveled.” Instead of “yes we can,” Mr. Obama limps slowly, body language gasping “guess we can’t.” Instead of bold he seems bought and sold. Instead of hoops, he now golfs. At least he still gives good speech. A year later is all lost? We like to think not. Here are some things Obama can do from this day on to reclaim his lost  mojo.

Man up 1. There will never be honest hands across the aisle. Quit reaching out…there’s only a palm buzzer in those repoob hands you longingly seek to grasp.

Man up 2. Take it to them. Enough defense. As in tennis, (enough football metaphors) always move forward…don’t stand still and get caught in “no man’s land.”

Man up 3. Fire Rahm. Yes, can Emmanuel. He hasn’t served you well. Hire Howard. As in Howard Dean. Rahm Emmanuel is too caught up in his own self-importance…his tough guy visage in his morning mirror satisfies him. And no one else the rest of the day.

Man up 4. Fire Tim Geither. He may be competent but this guy is the face of arrogance and condescension.

Man up 5. Have the testicular fortitude to tell General McChrystal no. No more American troops for an undeclared war on a stone-age land of people so battle-scarred and hardened by invasions from foreigners that they know life only as war. What do we gain in exchange for the blood of our nation’s youth?

Robert Frost wrote it:
“I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

1 thought on “Man-up Mr. President”

  1. Mr Praajek, it's interesting that you would use the phrase “man up”. I'll get back to that in a minute. I am an African American woman also from Chicago. I am the mother of two children, unmarried, employed and a recent college graduate. Early in my adult life, I was like most young girls my age, dreamers! I romanticized of having a home, a loving responsible husband, children and security. Well, through my own irresponsible insecurities, I had a baby. I also had a man and my daughter had a Father,for a couple of weeks at least. I repeated this act again a couple years later with the same results, another Fatherless child along with another dream shattered. These were men I had dated exclusively and faithfully and was told impassionately that I was loved.These men were black men who had their own agendas. My story is certainly not unique and in too many African American womans lives, it is the norm.
    Too many black men find it difficult to
    “man up”
    Mr Obama's inability to “man up”, or take responsibility for what he MUST know is the right thing to do, only confirms and validates what we black woman already suspected. Please Mr Obama, break the chain, practice what you preach,lead by example. My childrens Fathers had the gift of gab. All that gets ya is to third base. Don't check in your balls at the front door of the White House Mr President. “Man Up”.


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