In Fierce Battle Afganraki Forces Subdue Texan Militants

KANSAS CITY, MO — Afganraki liberators captured fifty-two Texan insurgents today in a wide sweep of the Dallas-Ft. Worth suburbs where the American militants recently re-established control of an industrial warehouse district.

A spokesman for the Afganraki Command here said that operations were underway throughout the Dallas area to root out insurgents.

Operation American Islamic Freedom, now in its seventh year, has seen Afganraki liberation forces secure most of the Eastern, Southern and Western coastal areas of the U.S. with fierce battles continuing in the rugged heartland Midwest and Southwest regions.

Meanwhile, Afganraki President Mullah Karzimaliki is weighing options as a result of increasing pressure from his Radical Party leaders to commit up to 80,000 additional liberation forces in his nation’s seven year effort to establish Islamic control over the democratic American nation.

Amidst charges of fraud and irregularities in the recent re-election of U.S. President Rush Limbaugh, the Karzimaliki government is pressuring the Limbaugh Administration, which it installed following the initial invasion of America, to agree to a run-off election with New York challenger Rudy Guiliani, leader of now-pacified U.S. Republicans.

With more than 500,000 Afganraki soldiers and various international forces from the Coalition of Islamic Freedom Fighters now in the U.S., Middle Eastern diplomats in the Kansas City Capital continue to express confidence that the long and costly war effort to bring Islamic rule to the volatile North American region will succeed within the next decade.

1 thought on “In Fierce Battle Afganraki Forces Subdue Texan Militants”

  1. Meanwhile, the mastermind of the Afganraki terrorist plot, 2/14, Barrack Hussien Bin Obama has yet to be brought to justice. Bin Obama is believed to be taking refuge in the midwestern province of Flint Michigan, known for it's endless abandoned warehouses and mothballed factories, leaving Afganraki liberators little chance or opportunity of capturing this madman. He has surfaced only momentarily, to videotape eloquent speeches and encourage Texas Gov Rick Perry and his secessionists to man-up and defend the Alamo. Of course there are urban legends of Bin Obama being seen on the streets of Flint, catching a quick pick up game of round ball with co- terror conspirator Arne Duncan.


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