More e-bookings

Guest non-blogga HaafTime’s comments on my previous post re: e-books deserve to be raised to eye level…here he says:

I see some other problems with the e-book.
(1) In a down economy, bookmark production and sales will be drastically reduced.
(2) I see difficulties with teaching our daughters how to walk with socially accepted posture with an e-book balanced on their head. Perhaps with a leveling app!!
(3)I don’t want to ever see a stack of e-books karate chopped.
(4) It would be impossible to be assumed intelligent on the subway or in the park reading an e-book instead of a paperback. One might just assume you are playing a video game.
(5) It would be way too expensive to burn Sarah Palin and Glen Beck e-books
(6) You could never again use the phrase,”makin a scene with a magazine”
(7) Last but not least, and I have a little experience with this one, criminals will no longer be allowed to have the book thrown at them! I’ll put that one on the plus side.

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