Obama Disgraces America…by Winning Nobel Peace Prize

Obama screwed up again. At least according to Repooblicans, he can’t do anything right. This time the President has the audacity to go out and win the Nobel Peace Prize. How dare him! Figures, figure the Repoobs, the Prize is decided by a bunch of “furraners”…who love one of their ilk. Show us that birth certificate, you Nobel Prize winner.

Can we blame, not the Bossa Nova, but the BushaRova, for the Olympic committee’s decision last week to shrug off Chicago and award the games to Rio? After eight years of showing America’s ugly backside to the world, the U.S. snub was a small tweak to pay. Despite winning the Nobel Peace Prize, it will take more than one year for Obama to makeover the Ugly American Bush years.

He may have won the Nobel Peace Prize, but might also be in contention for the Rummy Rumsfeld War Prize (still under development by a world-wide committee of war mongers) if President Obama capitulates to the blood-thirsty desires of General Stanley McChrystal for more American cannon fodder in Afghanistan. Maybe the Nobel committee should have waited a few weeks…or years, for their decision.

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