Hollywood’s got child-rapist director Roman Polanski’s back. More than 100 actors, directors, producers have signed a letter asking that he be released. Among the signers: Woody Allen. Wonder how that will work out?

Florida Congressional Rep. Allen Grayson’s recent remarks about the Repooblicans “Die Quickly” health care plan…finally a Dem with some testicular fortitude.

Remember the Cigarette Man on the old X-Files show? Could he really be cigarette inhaling, nicotine-ozing fake-tanned House Repoob leader John Boehner?

Why do celebrities video tape their sexcapades if they don’t want them showing up on YouTube? Will Big Hair John Edwards’ alleged sex tape give new meaning to the term “fluffer”?

Best anagrams for Sarah Palin’s upcoming memoir “Going Rogue”…
Gouge Groin
Ego Rouging

When did Oprah get fat again?

1 thought on “RandomSnarkiums”

  1. Hell “P”, you not only predicted Chicago would lose the Olympic bid, but you had the inside track to Brazil…!!!! Gotta luv that crystal ball. How bout giv'en us the low down on whether we Po folks are going to get a public option on health care!!


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