Boycott Whole Foods?

Do you have yours? John Mackey, whole foods co-founder & CEO has his. Fcuk the rest of you.. If you don’t have health insurance that’s too bad. ” the last thing our country needs is …a government takeover of our health care system.” In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed Mackey wrote that “…the Declaration of Independence…& the Constitution (does not) reveal any intrinsic right to health care.” In other words, the declaration of Independence may cite among the “inalienable rights” of man “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”…but if you get sick and cannot afford insurance or were denied because you were previously sick, or even have some form of coverage, then keep pursuing your life, liberty and happiness while forking over those big bucks for the emergency room visit, stay-over in hospital or other emergency care. Get sick and get prepared to go broke. Seems to me the guarantees of life, liberty & pursuit of happiness” might just include having access to affordable health care. The health food grocery czar says no.

Although I do agree with Mackey to a certain extent that everyone is responsible for one’s health..i.e. the lifestyle and nutrition choices we make, try lecturing a working single mom living in a violent Chicago neighborhood, that she should prepare healthier meals for her kids…with Whole Foods? (hey, Mackey also made news recently when he stated that his stores “sell a lot of junk.”)

Is it just human nature, or maybe something just uniquely American in our psyche that causes some of us to resent and begrudge others who want the things we have. By gwad, I got my health insurance. Next thing you know everyone will want what I got. Damn. Especially them deadbeats who don’t even have a job. No, universal health care might not be mentioned per se in our Constitution or the Declaration of Independence as Whole Foods Mackey says, but as long as we deny health care to millions then their life, liberty and happiness will be just a futile pursuit.

If I want organic foods, other grocers offer great varieties…and at lower costs.

1 thought on “Boycott Whole Foods?”

  1. Pursuit of happiness for the less fortunate is just that my friend, simply a pursuit, an unattainable goal, always the pursuant and rarely grasped. Certainly Mr Mackey and his likes are the manorial occupants of wealth and therefore, for him, happiness. But it's not just people like him, it's every American with a two car garage and a front and back yard and a kid on the honor role accompanied by a double income. They have reached their pinnacle of happiness, but watered down if others reach such heights. Always in pursuit, the homeless, the residents of the Colonias, the Cabrini Greenies, the Appy trailer dwellers, the profectitious poor, the dispossesed pursuants of happiness. Pursuit, the great societal “shell game”,a moral ponzi scheme designed to tease and dissolve human dignity. Pursuit without ability is futile. I suppose the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus come to my mind with looking at life from different angles, the fortunate on the inside looking out, at the top looking down, the less fortunate on the outside looking in,at the bottom looking up. When will people realize, as the rich man did, that their angle, their view is distorted. Certainly not the Moral Majority..!!!


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