Bill to the (Girl) Rescue

Last week North Korea called Hillary Clinton a funny lady who looks like a “primary schoolgirl” or “a pensioner going shopping”,

This week her husband Bill traveled to North Korea…not to defend her honor by challenging Kim Il Sung to nuclear duel at dawn, but to bring home the two young imprisioned American journalists held since March and recently sentenced to 12 years in a sure-death work camp. Big Bill, as always, got his girls.

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1 thought on “Bill to the (Girl) Rescue”

  1. Yep, the Big Dog gotter dunn. Bill Clinton, a man's man for certain. I can only imagine though, the conversation he would have with these young journalists on their journey home.Maybe it went like this; Big Dog “Well girls, we're on our way home. I just could'nt stand by and allow you to do that sort of HARD time. That was certainly a STIFF sentence! Darlin's, a sentence like that would bring even the strongest and the bravest to their KNEE'S. Always remember to stay SOUTH girls. So far our strategy is GOING DOWN as planned but the need for an ORAL briefing will surely be necessary. Excuse me, stewardess, give us a round of Sex on the Border, er, I mean Beach. Well girls, it's time to kick back and celebrate with a couple of Fidel's finest, Pucker Up”


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