Am Too Iron Ass Yo*

*(Anagram for Sonia Sotomayor)

Ok, let’s cut to the salsa of basic political analysis. One of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s major issues, heretofore unspoken, is not her race, not her previous case rulings, not her statement that judges make policy, and not any activist judicial leanings she might or not harbor. It’s her looks. Her stringy hair, her unkempt body image, her general over-all sloppy personal appearance. Look, if British Idol singing-sensation Susan Boyle can get a makeover, then why in the hell didn’t Team Obama take this woman to a salon and get her hair styled. Repoobs took a moo-moo-wearin’, dirty-jeaned, rat-haired governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, on a Bergdorf Goodman shopping spree. Most would agree she cleaned-up rather nicely. Wake up Team Obbie. If you want these upcoming Senate hearings to go smoothly, squeeze this woman into a Body Shaper (as seen on TV !), shop her at BG’s and schedule an appointment at Garren’s New York for a full-service salon treatment. Guarantee she won’t be Borked.

1 thought on “Am Too Iron Ass Yo*”

  1. I don’t know man, she does resemble Rosann Barr and she was popular!! Perhaps if she would spit, pull at her crotch, and sing the Mexican National Anthem, she might speed up the confirmation process!


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