Did John Stewart Save the Economy?

Ever since Comedy Central’s Daily Show host John Stewart vivisected CNBC TV’s financial entertainers…Maria Bartiromo, madmoney Jim Cramer et al, the stock market and other key financials have improved steadily.

Kraziest Pope Ever?

Pope Benny (the Ninny?) un-excommunicates holocaust-denier Bishop Richard Williamson, then backtracks after a world-wide uproar (what ever happened to infallibility?…I know, it only applies to pronouncements on faith, etc); now, in a trip to Africa, the only continent that shows growth in the Catholic faith, he says that condoms are not the answer to AIDS and will only help spread the disease that infects more people on that continent (67%) than anywhere else in the world. In response to critics who say he might be a bit out of touch with reality, he quips “the myth of my solitude makes me laugh.” Ha ha.

Bonus Boners…some of the recently revealed multi-million dollar bonuses awarded to hundreds of AIG geniuses were described as “retention bonuses.” AIG says the new millionaire employees are no longer with the firm.

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