Thanks, Dick Cheney

Thank you Dick Cheney…for reminding me to ask: Why in the hell aren’t you behind bars? Opening my meager news-filled yet color photo-laden Chicago Tribune this morning to the headline: Cheney says Obama puts U.S. at risk. Wait a minute, who is this guy? Oh, yeah, Dick Cheney, former Vice Prez and the personification of pure political evil. This is the guy who cooked up the unnecessary U.S. invasion of Iraq. That’s right, attack a country that didn’t attack us and that presented no viable threat to us. His Halliburton Boyz would make Iraq’s oil safe and secure for Big Oil companies; Iraqis would scatter flowers along the roads in appreciation of our occupation. Oh, well, so they were IEDs instead of flowers…we rid the world of an evil dictator, by golly. One down, dozens more. This is the guy who transformed America from a moral standard guiding light for all nations to a country that promoted torture of prisoners, perverting its Constitution and military code of honor; this is the guy who used the attack of September 11, 2001 on America (hey, Dick, 9-11 happened on your watch, buddy !) as a cudgel of fear to promote the the political agenda of his morally bankrupt Republican Party. There is more than enough evidence, alone on the basis of his violation of the Geneva Conventions regarding treatment of prisoners, to try and hopefully convict him for war crimes. Put America at risk? Dick Cheney…you need to take ownership of that accomplishment.

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