The Competitive Edge

Sports performance enhancing is as old as sports itself. From exterior applications…special clothes, shoes, instruments, to supplements and ingestibles, people who play sports have always attempted to improve their performance. How many gold medals did Michael Phelps win because of his specially designed swimming skin, Speedo’s Fastskin FS-PRO swimsuit, the fastest and most powerful lightweight swimsuit ever made? Tiger Woods’ Nike Victory Red blade apparently aides his distance and accuracy performance off the tees. An entire industry is based on the creation of lighter, powerful sweet-spot aiming tennis racquets, while sports physical-enhancement products such as GatorAid are not only ingested like water but doused in celebratory high-fivin’ on coaches and players like tent-revival holy baptismal water. What about black grease and plastic strips under the contrast-deficient footballer eyeballs? (maybe eye strips printed with Scripture references give the wearer a psychological boost) Those compression “shorts” under the loose baggy NBA “longs” prevent injury, increase endurance. NBA court shoes are advertised as high jumping enablers more powerful than any steroid concoction. Allen Iverson’s All-Star footwear features an on/off switch with technology that allows him to turn on an internal pump that inflates the shoe.

Whether it’s a technology uplift or chemical boost, maximizing performance, getting the edge on competitors, seeking that special advantage in sports is and has always been the American Way.

Just as we embrace the latest technological advance in sportswear, equipment, energy and hydration products we need to get over our hypocritical views on steroids and drug enhancement by our professional athletes. Stop all this needless drug testing, moralizing and teeth-gnashing that our youths will be ruined if they see their sports idols “roiding -up.” Let athletes be the best they can be. If a baseball player feels that steroids can help him hit more home runs then that should be his decision. (If his health insurance provider wants to penalize him for possible health risks due to adverse side-affects, then that’s between the insured and the insurer.) Let’s level the playing fields. Stop banning drug-use by athletes. Let everyone choose to have whatever advantage, superfast swimwear, inflatable shoes or a shot of steroids. And then, may the best athlete win.

5 thoughts on “The Competitive Edge”

  1. Yo “P”, what about the non-athletic community who wants performance enhancing substances!!Take pot for instance or perhaps cocaine. Those users get thrown in the slammer.Prisons full of em. Hey, when these athletes grow older, they will no longer think of steriods only hemorrhoids. I personally have gone from Cocaine to Rogaine. It happens to the best of us. Then again the ultimate performance enhancer is truly Viagra.


  2. Yo, Dam…u b right on needle point, dude. We love and adore our professional athletes..if they sin with the pin they still win…you street boys gotta expiate their hosin’ their noses.And Anony-mouse…Praajek been a bit down wit the grip and had to get a grip on other things…but now I be bak, dude. For betta and worsa.


  3. yo, Dam…like the rogaine to cocaine line…only thang is the lil’ oval V results in more head-ache than head. (not that I’d really know)


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