Michael Phelps Goes to White Castle

Oh, Michael Phelps… OMG…just how much can America handle? After everything this country has endured in the recent past…eight years of Bush, the great financial meltdown (WallStreet Syndrome…right down thru the core of America’s economic stability)…Gov. Blago, Sarah Palin, Drew Peterson, Ann Coulter, Flush Phlegmball, Abu Garib, and weekly cringe-inducing celebrity DUI arrests, cell phone attacks and public execrationary outbursts…after this and much more, America now weeps and gnashes its over-whitened teeth as a result of this latest final outrageous slap-in-the-face….its latest hero caught on a cell phone camera smoking pot. Sadam and Gonorrhea ! How could Phelps, America’s web-toed golden amphibian, let us down like this.? Don’t cry for him, America. Arrest him, put him on trial…assuming he doesn’t try to flee in a white Bronco…bring him to justice. If the bong fits, you can’t acquit. Gawd, please don’t tell us he did a keg stand, too.

At least it was a water bong.

2 thoughts on “Michael Phelps Goes to White Castle”

  1. Phelps’s only mistake was apoligizing for the act.He’s more of a “roll” model now than ever!! Don’t worry Micheal, “High Times” is always looking new “Reps. How bout dorsen some good green “Hydro”?


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