Barack’s speech….not the super-speech expected. Good. But kept waiting for that “Ask not…” line.

Too much religion..too many prayers. Watching the inaugration I thought I was in church.

Gotta love Michelle’s hair…looked fantastic.

Michelle’s green dress looked as if it were cut from the old drapery in the Bush master bedroom. (Michelle, stay with Maria Pinto) Her green gloves borrowed from Kermit the Frog?

Barack can’t dance.

Please spare us from Stevie Wonder. More Beyonce, please.

Chris Matthews on MSNBC said that looking at Obama from a Jumbotron on the Mall he must look like a raisin on the stage.

Ray Romano is not funny.

Shakira is too hot.

1 thought on “Randomoniums”

  1. Cold day, warm speech. La te da. Lets get on with it!!!! Kick the pig. Thank God for Hugh Lowery and “House” marathons all day!!!!


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