American Surge

Yes we did…and in response to overwhelming requests for a reprise of my lastest release, “American Surge,” which celebrates Obama’s victory, below is posted the lyrics…complete musicrant with vocals and original music can be downloaded by clicking right over on the right side…

American Surge © 2008, Praajek

They lined up early. They lined up late.
They lined up all day couldn’t wait
For change
this time
they had
they had the urge
this time
they had
they had the nerve
this time
it was
it was their dime
this time it was
an American surge.

The road was rough, dark the skies
Raining fear, raining lies
Of fist bumps, flag pins
Greek columns.

The dreams were long. Dark the nights
Reaching heights, Like touching stars
On a trip to Mars
Across a bridge
To nowhwhere sailin’
Thanks, but no thanks, Sarah Palin.

Two years on the road.. Thru the slick of slime
Spreading lies like feeding flies.
Spreadn your wealth
Tests the nation’s
Mental health.
Now we can say
Say out loud
It’s not the journey
it’s the destination

Enemies to the left. Foes on the right.
Crazy Man wrong. Holy Man Wright
GodDamn, America
Beware the triple six hystercia
Six Pakin’ Joe where’d you go
What a bummer…
Mutated as a plumber.

Pot holes deep. Speed bumps high
Tripped up knocked down do or die
Muslim celebrities on their knees
Elitist Socialist next-door folks
Terrorists hoax
From tiny acorns
Grow fraudulent oaks.

The battle raged, deep the wounds
Foes soon reap
What they sowed
To sadly affect
The bradley effect.
Their only hope…
Steal the vote

Left behind, they warned we’d be
Unamerican in a godless
No bailout for socialists Hussains
Just sell-out anti-christ
Where elitism reigns.

But they lined up early, they lined up late
They lined up all day couldn’t wait
For change
they had an urge
They said yes we can
And yes we did
It was an American surge.

American Surge © 2008, Praajek

2 thoughts on “American Surge”

  1. Hey, I know you missed me but I had to take a break from this screen. Know wonder we have obesity in America!!I guess we’re ready for a new era, huh? I’m personally ready for the challenge of responsibility, service, unity and so-forth. I must admit though that when I hear Obama speak of looking forward and not dwelling in the past, it concerns me.I hope he is not laying the foundation of skirting his responsibility of allowing AG Holder to pursue indictments for war crimes. It’s Obama’s greatest opportunity to unify “us” with the rest of the world.We the people, us, are labeled torturers.If he chooses to overlook this as a gesture unity and forgiveness then I suppose I’ll just have to , once again, cop a plea!!!


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