Financial War Crimes

War crimes trials for Bush and his war-monger henchstaff….Cheney, Rummy, Condi, ? If the extent of the death and destruction of American and Iraqi lives, the torture of POWs in Abu Garib and GitMo is considered, coupled with the vast economic toll the illegal and unnecessary war inflicted on the American economy is measured, then surely justice and accountability is called for. But what about the financial meltdown of the American economy? Who will hold accountable the financial titans whose mismanagement and greed led to the collapse of the American economy…the board members and heads of AIG, Lehman Brothers, Freddy & Fannie and others. The Obama Administration needs to consider a war-crimes type commission/investigation of the perpetrators who succeeded in doing Osama bin Laden’s dirty work…destroying America by attacking its core strength…its economy.

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