What Would Flush Say?

Can you imagine what right-wing radio nut Flush Phlegmball would be ranting if a Democrat VP female choice announced that her 17 year-old unmarried daughter was pregnant? Would the rightwingnut bloggers and rightwing radio hatecasters have any qualms about attacking the values, morals, ethics of a liberal in the same situation as Sarah Palin? Can you hear Fush? “Liberal ethics, feminisim run-amok and loose liberal family values all contributed to and promoted an atmosphere that encouraged premarital teen sex, and probably drugs, devil worship and coordination with Islamofacists for the defeat of America.” But oh, no…here we have a double standard. Since it’s a repooblican, it’s hands-off. In fact it’s congratulations, Sarah…job well done. What an inspiring family-values story…hard-working mom of five confronts challenge of pregnant unmarried teen..encourages daughter to have baby rather than abort. What a rockwellian portrait.

2 thoughts on “What Would Flush Say?”

  1. Rockwellian? How about Orwellian? Watching Gary Bauer interviewed at the RNC, now there’s a voice of reason! Can’t hardly stomach the whole thing.


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