Palin’s Big Lie

Sarah Palin, who could be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, was elected Governor by 166,000 votes in Alaska. Total population of Alaska is 670,000. Before her 18 month stint as Alaska’s governor, she was elected as mayor of Walissa, pop. 8,000, by about 200 votes. Total votes: Palin about 600. Opponent 400. Wow, what a constituency. BIG LIE being promoted by Mike Huckybee at tonight’s Fuller Brush Convention…I mean, Repooblican Convention in St Paul…here’s the LIE: Sarah Palin got more votes for mayor of Walsilla than Joe Biden got running for president. Here’s the TRUTH: Biden got more votes for President than Palin did for Mayor — after he officially withdrew from the race. Check out the truth here:

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