Two Americas…Two Johns

Old Mrs. McCain… New Improved Mrs. McCain

News leaking out of a John Edwards love child affair with a women associated with his now-suspended campaign. Get ready for big time media coverage of this…Edwards is/was still on Obama’s VP short list…and a possible shoe-in for an Obama cabinet position. Lost in all the coverage of John Edwards’ alleged affair will be the story of another John…a family values, sanctity of marriage John who when his wife was disabled from an accident pursued a frisky blonde beer heiress named Cindy…no Henry Hyde “youthful discretions” here for this John who was 42 years old chasing the 25 year old trophy blonde.

2 thoughts on “Two Americas…Two Johns”

  1. America doesn’t know about this McCain creep…like Newt Gringrich and Larry Craig, he’s obviously got a wide stance…but with a dangerous temper. Luv your blog, praajek…please let me fuck you some day…Cristina F.


  2. No, Christina, praajek is mine…I get him first you bitch…and afta me he’ll neva want a skank like you..Clamydia


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