Cafe Sheetee Keetee

It’s here. The One Hundred Dollar Cup of Coffee. As noted in this month’s Wired, the Indonesian java bean goes for about $600 a pound and for a cuppa of shit you’ll plunk down a benjie. “Kopi Luwak, also known as catshit coffee…” is made from “an Indonesian bean that’s eaten by a civet cat, then “harvested” from the animal’s dung…flavor…improved by passing thru the cat’s digestive track.” Mmmmm good. Pick of the litter.

1 thought on “Cafe Sheetee Keetee”

  1. Oh, praajek..u b the menthol mahn…get off erery night on your pic…please call me…and just 4 you I drank a cuppa of Sheetee Keetee..taste like I think you might taste..only betta…u the hott praajek…Connie L.


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