From Jeremiads to Pfleger-Beleagured

Here we go again…when is Barack finally going to start listening to me…as noted in my April 23 post “Ten Things Barack Could Do…
#1. Drop out of Rev. Wright’s church. An-nounce and pro-nounce that you De-nounce & Re-nounce him again. Join another church that preaches peace, hope, love and all things Christian. Since you lost the Catholic vote in PA so badly, maybe a Catholic Church? (bonus pederast vote!)
You belatedly followed part of my advice about the re-nouncin’..but failed to follow my words of wisdom to quit that crazy church. So now, almost six weeks later you finally come to your senses. Hell, even Oprah dropped out of Trinity United years ago…she knew Rev. Wright was goofy enough to hurt her business. Your business, Mr. Obama, is to get elected President. You want this thing or not? Start acting like it…and start listening to PraaJek.

See Father Pfleger’s pitiful imitation of Black preachers here…that he can get away with such mocking parody…in a Black church of all places, it only short of amazing.

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