Not really a dickhead, just play one on TV

How about that other national dialogue/conversation…the one on Gender? If you view any amount of TV programming you have to be amazed at how males are depicted..(in advertising mostly, but also in programming)…as total dickhead idiots..always the goofy bumpkin..obsessing over flatscreen TVs, cable TV, satellite dishes, cars and beer..dancing arm swinging simian-style in front of TV football games often while wifey or girlfriend stands in the background arms folded, wry smile on face, tsk tsk tsking or winking in a “yes I know he’s an idiot…but…” smirking with an all-knowing head shaking that says “don’t worry, I’ll take care of big fucking idiot..”

Of course the way Bill Clinton’s screwing up Hellary’s campaign with his MaCarthesque statments about Obama’s patriotism, maybe TV is just reflecting reality.

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