Rush Limbaugh’s Toxic Legacy

Of course one feels sad for his family and friends. But the expiration of Rush Limbaugh also feels as if an infected boil on America’s aspirational collective spirit of comity and unity has just been lanced.

In his bombastic radio rantings Rush Limbaugh perverted parody to derision and toxic mockery. His misogynistic and racist rhetoric struck some kind of evil laughing-clown chord in many of his followers.

Limbaugh shouted and amplified the darkest thoughts in the malevolent recesses of his fetid feverish mind. He gave his listeners permission to express, support and promote such toxic ideas that would never rise to cognitive expression in decent human souls.

He cruelly mocked the disabled, ridiculed feminists women as Nazis; regularly denigrated the poor and suffering. The term “punching down” now seems tailor made to describe his mean-spiritedness.

He wasn’t a conservative. He was a bomb throwing Joker with a megaphone insanely screaming “rotten meat, come and get it.”

No comfort is felt in his physical demise except for a sense of relief that this national abscess of necrotizing hate and poison that he festered has been aspirated. Rush Limbaugh’s listeners and admirers may miss him; America will not. Just as we quickly developed a vaccine for COVID, let’s pray we can “ warp speed” an “antibiotic” to cure the destructive infection of divisiveness and hate he so gleefully promoted.