What? Me Sorry?

Alfred E. Ryan

Mitt & Paul. M-Rom and P-Ry. The Hardy Boys grown up. 1950’s central casting All-American Dad & Son, a Norman Rockwell Father’s Day rendering would have used these two as models. Boomer & Gen-X warriors in the Republican War On Women hook up to hunt small varmints and noodle catfish. Early in their careers, Ryan drove a hotdog car, Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile while M-Rom drove with a hot dog on his car roof. Now Mitt in his Mom Jeans and P-Ry muscled-up with his P90X workout regimen are suddenly surprised by the public reaction to Ryan’s Congressional co-sponsor buddy Todd “Forcible Rape”Akin who recently held forth on the mysteries of how women can flip a pregnancy prevention switch if they have been “legitimately” raped. 
P-Ry last year co-sponsored with Akin a “no Medicaid funding for forcible rape” bill. Ryan also co-sponsored a “personhood” bill which defined life as beginning with dirty thoughts of sex. Now Romney is shocked that Akin said what his running mate Ryan himself supports. As Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman would have said, “Most people don’t act stupid: it’s the real thing!”