Political Cheesy Grits

Newt Gringrich’s poor showing in recent primaries is disproving the theory of Granular Convection…that an object with a larger surface area will rise to the top of a shifting mass…e.g. the reason that Brazil nuts in a can of mixed nuts are always are on the top. 
Best pundit quip of the week: Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart on Mitt Romney’s embarrassing solicitous Southern comments about cheesy grits, y’alls and fried food: “it’s like he’s on safari in his own country.”
Whoops..He Did It Again
Channeling has-been pop diva Britney Spears, Rick “Frothy Mix” Santorum, after winning the Mississippi and Alabama Republican primaries last night, told supporters that, sans “whoops,” “we did it again.” Rick licked Newt, Mitt (man on newt?) and Ron. Santorum, field general for the Republican’s WOW…War on Women, now only trails Mitt in nomination delegates by about half. Dems may be salivating over the prospect of a Santorum-led ticket, but should be leery. America elected Ronald Reagan, whom many, including myself, thought was the most ridiculous candidate ever. Until he won. And became the most ridiculous President ever. 

Anagram The Candidates

“My name is only an anagram of toilets.”…T.S. Eliot

“All the life’s wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie.”..anon.

Tim Pawlenty:
Wimpy Talent (this says it all)
Latent Wimpy
Tiny Wet Lamp
Play New Mitt
Wilt Me Panty
At My Newt Lip
Mitt Romney:
Memory Tint (yes, indeed…you remember your RomneyCare?)
My Mot Inert (yup, your word’s pretty inactive)
My Not Merit  (Hey, It’s my turn…just give me the nomination)
Newt Gingrich:
Wringing Retch (the sound of the political body gagging)
Wretch Ringing  (don’t answer it !)
Mitch Daniels:
Latched Minis (don’t unlock the secret of that podium booster)
Clean Dim Shit (clean, sure…but he’s not really a dim shit…just short)
Sarah Palin:
Sharia Plan (ha, now we know who’s really Muslim)
Anal Has Rip (uh…. yeah…..)
Chris Christy:
Rich Shits Cry..(need more tax cuts!)
Donald Trump:  (Your Magic Carpet ride is over)
Land Turd Mop (so that’s what’s on your head)
Damn Turd Pol (anagrams don’t lie)
Michele Bachmann:
No good anagrams, but the word “maniac” shows up a lot in combo with other non-sensical words…sounds about right, right?