Chicago Tribune Banishes Doonesbury

Looks like the conservative ghost of Old “Colonel” McCormick ( or maybe Fox President Roger Ailes) visited the editorial room of the Chicago Tribune last night. Seeking my daily nourishment of Doonesbury this morning, the only comic with any intelligent redeeming value, I was shocked to find the following statement buried between the banal panels of “comics” where Doonesbury usually stands out: “This week’s “Doonesbury” does not meet our standards of fairness. Please enjoy this substitute strip.”
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The recent Doonesbury storyline has Fox News “ace reporter” Roland Hedley tweeting excerpts from a yet-unpublished book about Sarah Palin, “The Rogue” written by Joe McGinness..(publication date, September 19.) The strip pokes fun at Palin’s reputation as a politician who doesn’t read a lot. The Trib apparently thinks this doesn’t meet the Fox News standard of “fair and balanced.”  Funny that the Trib doesn’t think it’s fair to tease a public figure about not reading while denying me a product that I’ve paid to read. Think I’ll cancel my Trib subscription for a week.  Here’s the link to the forbidden Doonesbury strip: