The Bloody Wet Dreams of Dick Cheney

Someone tore the bumper sticker off my car that read: “I’m Already Against the Next War.” So here we go again. 
Dick Cheney, Rummy Rumsfeld and assorted NeoCon conspirators woke up recently refreshed, revitalized and rearing to have others go to war again. 
Ahhhh…feeling good, growls Cheney, the words dribbling from the edge of his crooked mouth, stretching his withered limbs and rubbing the sleepy fairy dirt from his rheumy eyes. His taxpayer funded transplanted heart, a secret gift from an anonymous donor who Cheney expresses no interest in knowing…“it hadn’t been a priority for me…” is now “my new heart, not someone else’s old heart.”  
Finally goaded by Cheney and The War Generals into new tough talk, NodramaObama lullabies Cheney to sweet dreams with his national TV address announcing his overdue “strateregy” (Bushism) of a New Belligerency. Although not as much fun without Boots-on-the-Ground, Rōnin Cheney deep sleeps REM dreams of salivating military contractors, greedy hyenas encircling wounded prey.
 Oh, the Humanity, the FoxHannity, the Insanity! Our heartless warrior mumbles in his sleep…my contractors, my contractors…let them feast first and leave the spoils for the Boots to shed blood and wipe up.  
His stolen heart beats faster now, exciting his feverish fear mongering brain into dream twitches of riches to be reaped, a legacy to be legitimized and gastric gushes of plain old evil to belch and enjoy.