The Gasbag Deflation Act

Add gas stoves to the list of divisive “culture war” issues right up there with climate change, gun control, abortion, critical race theory, wokeness, etc. Congressman Bill Huizinga (MI-04) has chosen an attack-and-divide strategy instead of trying to bring his constituents together to solve major issues facing Southwest Michigan. He seems to be more interested in shamelessly begging for attention with his recent introduction of the STOVE Act (Stop Trying to Obsessively Vilify Energy). The bill would bar federal restrictions or bans on gas-powered stoves. Huizinga’s silly knee-jerk response to a chair of the Consumer Product Safety Commission who misguidedly said that gas stove “products that can’t be made safe can be banned.” The Commission later clarified that comment stating that the U.S. is not considering a ban but simply wants to draw attention to potential hazards of home gas emissions and to make gas stoves safer. Multiple scientific studies have shown that gas stoves emit nitrogen dioxide and other respiratory irritants, including the known carcinogen benzene, associated with respiratory symptoms such as asthma in children and adults. Consumers may want to consider electric stoves and appliances instead of gas.

The Biden Administration is not trying to “vilify” energy. Promoting electricity and making gas appliances safer are not incompatible goals. Perhaps we need a GASBAG Deflation Act: Gratuitously Attacking Sensible Beneficial Alternatives to Gas – – to counter the type of grandstanding legislation proposed by Rep.Huizinga.

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