Summer Time in Trumparumpaville.

Summer is finally here and we’re seeing, as Our Glorious Leader Trump predicted, the Trumporonavirus has faded away. Well, not exactly. The US keeps breaking its daily high infections with massive virus rates mounting in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, California. Many states are on “pause” for re-opening. As Americans flock to beaches maybe they should stop at a church on the way and pray since America’s most non-Christian, irreligious president, who rarely if ever attends church services, has called for churches to re-open and declared “houses of worship” essential.

But instead, we’re at the beach. We’re not exactly the most religious country in the world. Trump himself, by his actions and words, rejects most of the basic tenets of Christianity including the basic golden rules. (His version says do unto others before they do unto you). He regularly violates most of the the Ten Commandments, for example: idolizing wealth and himself; taking the lord’s name in vain at his public rallies; he’s not exactly a Sabbath keeper; perversely he does “honor” his father and mother, if “honoring” means carrying on the traditions of his racist slumlord father. (Photos of mom and dad adorn his Oval Office desk); no convictions for murder…yet; adultery? Ha Ha..; stealing? How many bankruptcies? Not paying his contractors on building projects…his thefts are legendary; bearing false witness? Hmmm, does accusing former congressman news personality Joe Scarborough of murder count? Coveting?…thy neighbor’s wife? What about thine own daughter? (daddy thinks you’re hot, Ivanka!) Nine out of ten ain’t bad. What are Commandments for anyway if you can’t break’em.

He also turns loose his storm troopers on protesters so he can cross the street to hold a Bible (upside down) for a photo opp. Kind of like:

A porn actor named Chastity?

Oedipus forgetting Mother’s Day?

Lucifer chillin’?

Cain moving to Philadelphia?

Sean Hannity going down on Hillary?

Mitch McConnell endorsing facelifts?

Mike Pence having lunch with a woman who’s not his wife?

Trump got elected by losing to Hillary by more than 3 million votes. So who knows? Happy Summer 2020.

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