Conspiracy to Know

Did You know???

The truth will set us free.That’s a direct famous quote from our President and Defender of our One Nation Under God. Our President wants to free us from the fake flu that dumbycrats are trying to spread across our Blessed Fatherland. There are lots of theories (that means it’s true) and explanations of what’s really going on. Many of us know what’s really going on, especially our President, who often says we must find out what’s really going on. Well here’s most likely, (which really means IT’S WHAT’S GOING ON! ) really going on! Many people are saying that what’s really going on “could” (which means it’s the truth) be one of the following:

Of course everyone already knows about the “Mole Children.” Those Covid tents in Central Park in New York City are really the Government covering up secret tunnels where deamoncrats are imprisoning crippled children for sex trade. Those tents are NOT full of virus infected victims but are there to hide from the public the terrible things going on down in these tunnels to Hell.

And there are many other things happening that are tricking the Americans people into being critical of our President because of this fake or not flu.

Did you know??

The Covid 19 virus is (if it is real although many are saying it is not) a delayed reaction and revenge for to the banishment of the Roman poet Ovid from Rome by Emperor Augustus in 8 AD to Constanta, Romania. C, from Constanta, + Ovid, broke out in two thousand 19. There you have it! COVID-19. Ovid’s Revenge!

Did You Know??

The Covid-19 did not ooze out of a wet wild animal market in China. It actually oozed out ON SCHEDULE from a secret Kenyan hut-laboratory where Obama and his relatives carried out a devious plan devised in the waning Obama days before Trump’s inauguration (which drew over a billion people). The virus was concocted using bush rat saliva, sloth genital smegma and ancient petrified monkey anuses. Obama and his Kenyan Minions released the virus to insure that Trump not be re-elected.

Did You Know??

FLATULENCE CAN SPREAD THE VIRUS!! In fact, many people are saying that flatulent activity has been increasing at an alarming rate due to the VeganLiberal’s (VigLibs) promotion of high-fiber grain-based diets. N-95 masks and social distancing from VigLibs is highly recommended.

Did You Know??

Planned Parenthood Predators, desperate to perform abortions, concocted the whole fake virus thing in order to get the government to shut down the country causing people to hunker down together in households, get bored watching Netflix and have illicit sex causing unwanted pregnancies and the need to have abortions. Very devious indeed.

Did You Know??

Low-flush toilets and LED light bulbs are suspected of causing the global Covid-19 pandemic. Promoted by Eco-Libs, these misguided Green Terrorists, in their naive attempt to “save the planet” inadvertently set loose upon our Clean-Coal powered earth stupid government regulations to save our already-clean waterways by limiting our American god-given right to healthy abundant full-tank flushes. This low-flush bathroom environment helped breed the Covid-19 virus. And by selling LED bulbs under the fake idea of saving electricity (and killing our beautiful coal industry and the tremendous powerful beauty of incandescent lighting), many people are saying that these diode-infested LED bulbs are emitting radioactive sonic waves disrupting normal healthy microbes transmuting them into a lethal virus. This intended consequence of destroying our American Way of Life by Eco-Libs has come home to roost.

And don’t get me started on ….FLORIDE !

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