Ask Your Doctor If Trump Is Right For You.

My Fellow Americans: Just who is this so-called little Dr. Fauci anyway? Doesn’t “Fauci” mean “fakey”in American language. Dr.Downer? Dr.Gloomndoom? Dr.Heyweallgonnadie? Why is he even on TV’s most highly rated, better-than-the-Batchlor, bigger than the Super Bowl national daily reality show, “The Covid Conquerer!” starring none other than the nation’s preeminent, most trusted Health Expert, me!, Doctor DJ. Trump! This third rate so-called “Doctor” Fakey Fauci keeps trying to upstage me on my very own powerful ratings-busting television show. Some people, especially the fake media, say he is becoming a star, a trusted expert. Well let me tell you, this short little Fauci guy may think he’s great, but let me tell you, many people are saying that this FauciFakey guy, I call him a guy, a lot of powerful people are saying that my tremendous prescription cure is just what America needs. Hydroxychloraquine. Hydroxy and chloroquine. Two very powerful drugs. Put them together and you get hy-drox-y Chlo-a-quine. Quine. I call it, and very soon, the Whole World will be calling it Trumpaquine. TRUMPAQUINE.. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it! Doctor Fakey says you got to test it first. You think I would buy stock in an untested drug? Noooo..lots of money invested. Powerful. Whadda got to lose? Buy it now and I’ll throw in a box of frozen Trump Steaks. People say they are the best. And that’s not all. Ask you doctor for Hydroxy-Chloraquine..and I’ll include a free degree from Trump University. Dr. Fakey warns of side-effects.. well the only side effect from this beautiful Hy-droxy stuff that I know of is you might get bone spurs. Which could come in handy if we ever have to go to war against China or Canada. Buy it now. Or there will be death. Now, I’ll turn it over to Dr. Fauci.

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