Miley…The Genius of America

Miley…The Genius of America

America. Attention. Your attention is required now. If you have not seen Miley Cyrus’s recent VMA performance then you have missed one of the most important, seminal art achievements in Western culture. Ms.Cyrus’s spectacle, and I say “spectacle” in the true sense of wonderment, pageantry, virtuosity and sheer genius, stands alone among the few wondrous public acts ever shared with Americans, indeed humanity. Mother Theresa worked in silent anonymity bringing solace, relief and peace to the poor and sick. Einstein brought to science a new and relative perspective on space and time; the great composers Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Mahler, Debussy, along with moderns Glass and Cage gave us music as never before heard; Steve Jobs taught us to think and act differently; the monumental achievements of mankind can be chronicled, attested to and celebrated. But until now all these achievements pale, indeed are diminished by a 6 minute 23 second manifestation of The Great American Art. Period. No novel, poem, musical composition, painting, sculpture, architectural construction or other genius product of man’s imagination has ever captured the essence of America, its people, its business, its religions, its music, its scientific and technological achievements… all that defines its very culture as much as a tiny girl named Miley did on August 25, 2013. Remember that date. That day America found itself. From a Giant Teddy Bear emerged a Foamed Fingered Force that forged a final definition of America and its people. Remember 08-25-13. Your great grandchildren will recall that day in history. Tell your children now that you viewed it live on TV or later saw it on YouTube. Point them to it now so they can witness it for themselves and thus pass down thru their generations what history will remark and remember as The Great American Art. 

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